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Day Pupils

For those who attend the school as day pupils, Milton Abbey offers the same comprehensive academic and extra-curricular opportunities. We call this "a boarding experience without the boarding".

The timetable for our day pupils runs from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, plus morning lessons and afternoon sports fixtures on Saturdays.

Day pupils play a full part in school life. Unlike many schools, they are assigned desk space within one of the boarding houses, where they will have a base for the day and somewhere to work. This also helps them feel part of the school community and to make friends with boarding pupils, taking part in lessons and extra-curricular activities side-by-side. Day pupils are even welcome to stay for an evening meal or to complete homework if they wish.

We run a daily minibus service, with routes reviewed each year. Please speak to the school if you would like to make use of this service.

Sixth Form day students can travel to school in their own vehicles and park them on site, subject to space, parental permission and following our policy. Similarly, Sixth Form students may use their own cars for special occasions by prior arrangement.

Our Day Pupil fees are very competitive, especially considering the full access to the school that Milton Abbey provides. Please see our Admissions section for more information or to book a visit.