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The School Farm and Stables

Set within the School’s beautiful grounds are the School farm and stables – special features of our privileged countryside location. 

The farm, as well as being resident to a variety of animals including horses and ponies, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and guinea fowl, also acts as a hub for pupils studying our Level 3 BTEC Equine and Countryside Management courses, giving them the opportunity for hands-on experience.

Sixteen different varieties of crops are sown and grown at the farm, as well as certain fruits and vegetables, particularly helping pupils with the agricultural elements of our Countryside Management courses. The farm’s enterprising element sees its produce sold and proceeds reinvested for the purchasing of feed, livestock and equipment.  

All Milton Abbey pupils are welcome to bring their ponies or horses to School on an assisted livery basis, particularly Sixth Formers who are studying the Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Equine Management. Pupils manage the day-to-day care of their horses, with assistance from the School where required, and can use some of their weekly sports and activities sessions to ride.

The School has its own cross country schooling area, an all-weather canter track, and riding lessons are given in an attached 25x50m arena. Pupils compete in local unaffiliated and national affiliated events, as well as interschool competitions. Polo is another popular equine activity, with a keen group of pupils regularly attending lessons at Druids Lodge Polo Club, playing matches against other schools and universities. Milton Abbey also hosts the local hunt who meet annually at school, giving pupils and parents the opportunity to follow hounds.