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Details for Each Sport

These are some of the most popular sports that are currently available as part of our academic, competitive or recreational programmes. Please click the links to find out more about each one.

Rugby is an extremely popular sport at Milton Abbey with over 85% of the boys selecting the sport in the Michaelmas term. We are extremely fortunate to play on some of the finest pitches in the country that are adjacent to the boarding houses, allowing ample opportunities for practice. The atmosphere before kick off when the 1st XV complete their historical tunnel is electrifying.
We are extremely lucky to have many experienced and talented coaches on staff with three of the lead coaches having been Heads of Rugby in previous posts. The emphasis of the coaches is to install the basic skills required to be successful in the sport. This coupled with our strength and development team allow pupils to flourish within the sport.
Many of our pupils go on to county and professional sides. We currently have a pupil in the England U16 programme.   
Rugby 7s also plays a significant role in the Lent term, with squads training under lights as part of the evening programme. They complete in many competitions. The senior 7s team also enter an international tournament each year in Lisbon, which is a fantastic opportunity for the team to develop their skills and experience rugby in another country.

Milton Abbey hockey has developed hugely over the last few years and is now the main sport for girls in the Michaelmas term and boys in the Lent term. There is ample opportunity for all interested pupils to represent the school, as we run seven competitive teams. The teams enjoy a full fixture programme against local schools and often perform well.
We have a number of experienced coaches including the Head of Hockey, Director of Sport and Deputy Head, who have all played hockey at a high level. Their knowledge and expertise not only stretches our gifted and talented players, but also helps those that are new to the sport to develop the required skills and confidence to be successful. It is not uncommon for pupils that are new to the sport in Third Form to develop into 1st XI players in their Sixth Form years.
We have many pupils that represent Dorset. They are taken to training by the head of Hockey throughout the winter for additional training session.
We also offer pre-season training during activities and indoor competitions during the evening programme. There is an annual tour in the Lent term for the 1st XI Boys. They travel to Barcelona for the GOERS Cup and receive specialist coaching from National Spanish stars. We are also hoping to launch an annual girls tour in 2019.  

Lacrosse has recently become the major team sport for girls in the Lent term. It is a fantastic sport that is fast and skilful. Girls often come to the school having not experienced the sport before, but thanks to our strong coaching system they pick-up the skills quickly. We find that the skills and tactics transfer from hockey to lacrosse smoothly, allowing pupils to quickly enjoy the sport.
The pitches are located at the heart of the school and as a result the teams enjoy excellent support for their home matches. All the teams have regular fixtures against some of the strongest school in the area and enter the annual National Small Schools Tournament.
In the Michaelmas term the girls enjoy a pre-season training programme to develop their skills and ensure that they are ready for their matches.

Cricket at Milton Abbey is one of our strongest team sports. The boys are particularly passionate about the sport and have an excellent culture of training and matches. Our 1st XI cricket ground is considered to be one of the finest in the world, hosting the MCC for an invitational match each summer. However for many regular visitors, the Under-14s pitch is even more idyllic.
Our wonderful facilities certainly help develop our strong link with cricket, however it is the staff that provide the real energy and enthusiasm. We are lucky to have two ECB Level 3 coaches and many passionate and talented players on staff. The Students' 1st XI vs the Staff XI is one of the most hotly anticipated events of the school year!
We aim to make cricket as fun as possible. We play in coloured kit and play a variety of different formats including a comprehensive T20 programme. Many girls also enjoy the sport and play as part of our recreational programme, with an aim to formalise a full girls' team in 2019.
Pupils train throughout the winter months in preparation for the season spending many an hour refining their technique in front of the cameras or bowling machine.


Golf is developing at a tremendous speed at Milton Abbey. We are extremely fortunate to boast a wonderful 9-hole golf course on-site. The course was designed by Peter Alliss and meanders around the historic Abbey on Capability Brown landscape.

The course is a short walk from the boarding houses and extremely popular with pupils and staff, who are regularly playing and practicing in both timetabled and recreational time. The golf course is affiliated with England Golf, allowing us to host competitions and provide official handicaps for all our golfers. 
Milton Abbey is one of only a handful of schools that has a full time PGA Professional on staff. George Scott joined the school in September 2017 and has revolutionised our golf. We now compete in National events, with increasing numbers of pupils taking up the sport and gaining handicaps. George offers one-to-one lessons to pupils throughout the year, as well as group sessions and core PE lessons.
In 2018, we opened a state-of-the-art indoor studio with launch monitors, cameras, golf simulation and a putting green. This allows pupils to develop their skills throughout the winter months ready for competition.
The school also enjoys a close partnership with the Came Down Golf Club. This allows pupils to experience different courses and develop the necessary skills to be successful in a variety of conditions. There is an additional cost for membership at this course.
With Golf Scholarship available Milton Abbey is certainly a school to be considered for any aspiring golfer. 
Road Cycling


Road Cycling is taken extremely seriously at Milton Abbey. We believe we are the only school in the country that runs an extensive training and competition programme. The programme was first introduced by former Headmaster Magnus Bashaarat. However it has been Craig Lucas’ knowledge, commitment and passion for cycling that has turned this activity into one of our strongest sports at Milton Abbey. We now run three separate teams ensuring that pupils, regardless of experience or ability, are nurtured and developed as young cyclists. 

The location of Milton Abbey lends itself perfectly to cycling, with miles of rolling Dorset countryside and quiet roads on which the teams train and explore. The team members train extremely hard and can often be seen around school in their custom-designed racing kit. They ride at least three times a week, all year round, with at least one extended ride a week. They compete regularly in local and national sportives, as well as participating in track training and racing, cyclocross riding and audaxes.

During the ‘off-season’, and when the weather is poor, the cyclists either train cyclocross, to coincide with the cross season, or make the most of our onsite indoor tubro studio. This ensures that they are able to keep up their mileage throughout the year whilst also having an area to maintain and service their bikes.

With cycling scholarships available, there can be no better place for an aspiring cyclist to develop the skills and fitness required for them to reach their potential. The school has a number of bikes available for loan, but we find that many of our team members invest in their own equipment to further improve performance.
Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has really taken off at Milton Abbey. The school has been offering mountain biking as part of the activity programme for many years, but it has only been in recent years that it has become a competitive sport. The team is currently made up of 10 riders, who train three times a week and compete regularly in sportives and events.
We are extremely fortunate to have some fantastic terrains surrounding Milton Abbey, with some excellent trails that are used for time trials and for developing technique. However most sessions take place off-site at Puddletown Forest. The Forest is one of the best places for mountain biking in the country, so is the ideal playground for our team to develop the required skills and fitness required for elite performance. The squad explores the miles and miles of trails and uses smartphone technology to record their times. This prepares them well for competitions.
During poor weather, the team gets the opportunity to maintain fitness through the use of our onsite indoor train studio. 
The school has a number of bikes available for loan but find that many of our team members invest in their own equipment to further improve performance.
Cross Country | Athletics

Cross country running and athletics has a long tradition of excellence at Milton Abbey, with the school site and local countryside lending itself perfectly for training and competition. Our annual Senior School and Prep School Cross Country Competitions are renowned for their incredible views, steep hills and mud!
Cross country or athletics is available to pupils during all three academic terms. We offer a range of teams to ensure all pupils train at a level appropriate for their ability. Whilst some enjoy the health benefits that the sport offers, others push themselves extremely hard to perform at their best. Each team has a member of staff allocated to it, to ensure that training is appropriate, so that pupils enjoy the sport and maximise their potential. They regularly take pupils off-site to enjoy different terrains. Beach running at Weymouth is particularly popular.
In order to further develop our elite squads, we have established a partnership with Wimborne Athletics Club. Our elite competitors represent both the school and the club. This ensures that they have access to some of the best coaches, facilities and opportunities available within the county.

The athletes train twice a week at school and twice a week off-site with the club. On a Tuesday evening our endurance athletes train around the roads of Wimborne and on a Thursday they join the athletic squad at Blandford Army Camp. The opportunity to train with other likeminded young athletes cannot be underestimated and we have certainly seen an improvement in our athletes since the partnership was introduced.

Milton Abbey offers an extensive swimming programme that develops pupils’ skills and fitness throughout their time at the school. The sport is popular across all year groups and houses.

The school has a fantastic indoor 25m swimming pool on-site and a number of the best coaches in the county. The sport offers three teams, with training intensities set at the required standard for each team. The teams compete regularly against other schools and in open galas.

Pupils get to train both within timetabled sports time and recreational time, when the pool is open. Our athletes also get regular access to the gym for strength and conditioning work, in order to develop the necessary attributes for success. Many of our swimmers also make up the Triathlon team and therefore get the opportunity to develop skills in two other disciplines.

Our sailors train and compete at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy in Weymouth. The venue is a short drive from Milton Abbey and generates an inspiring atmosphere with our sailors often sharing the water with Olympic champions.
Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour offer some of the best sailing waters on the planet and have purpose built on-shore facilities to match. This winning combination was showcased at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sailors train and compete in the Michaelmas and Summer term on a variety of boats. The club caters for beginners, intermediates and advanced sailors, ensuring that all reach their potential. We have a number of fully qualified instructors on staff, but also utilise the coaching and expertise available from the Andrew Simpson Sailing School.

We aim to run our sailing sessions so that a pupil will progress through the RYA stages, with some pupils reaching Dinghy Instructor level. We also take part in race training, where we compete against other schools using both  team racing and fleet racing formats.
In addition to dinghy sailing, the school offers offshore sailing utilising local yacht charterers and sailing schools, both for enjoyment and for progression through the RYA Cruising Scheme up to Day Skipper level. Some students also explore sailing as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Milton Abbey offers a unique Elite Football Programme, in conjuction with the Champion Sports Group academy. This provides the opportunity for the most talented young players to develop their footballing skills while receiving a full, rounded education. Find out more here.

Football is available for Fifth and Sixth Form boys in the Michaelmas and Lent terms as one of the major team sports. Some pupils choose to play the sport for both terms, while others just for one. Competitive teams enjoy a full fixture card throughout both terms, playing many local schools.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful pitches that encourage our teams to play passing football. The pitches are so good that they are used as an academy training ground for Premier League and international teams during our school holidays.

We have a number of talented football coaches that work with all our players. The Head of Football organises trips to watch local teams, to help players develop their tactical knowledge. Many players choose to get fitness help and advice from our on-site strength and conditioning coach.
Football features heavily in the evening programme to ensure that all pupils in all years get an opportunity to play the sport recreationally if they wish.

Netball is a major sport for Fifth and Sixth Form girls in the Lent term. We have two competitive teams, who play a full fixture card throughout the term.

Netball is also available for all pupils in both the Michaelmas and Lent terms through the activity programme.

All training and matches take place in our Sports Hall, ensuring that pupils have ideal playing conditions for every session. This, coupled with our experienced coaches, allows our teams to develop a fast-passing style of play.

Tennis is the most popular sport at Milton Abbey, with both girls and boys of all standards - recreational or otherwise - playing at some point during the year. 

We play with four senior sides and two junior sides. There is a busy school fixtures list, in which we compete strongly with good results. The juniors are entered annually into the National AEGON tournament. Our experienced and talented tennis staff are also always keen to take on all-comers in a doubles match.

Alongside the competitive squads there is an opportunity for all pupils to play recreationally. The key aim here is ‘Tennis for All’, in the belief that the etiquette and social aspects of tennis are a vital part of the pupils’ wider education and wellbeing. After being introduced to the sport at school, tennis is statistically very likely to be played long after pupils move on from Milton Abbey. 

The Dorset Tennis Academy provides professional coaching in the winter months to those pupils who seek it; alongside opportunities to play as part of the evening activity programme.

The annual tennis camp to Portugal at the Val do Lobo International Tennis Academy is a highly popular pre-season skills sharpener and fitness camp in the Spring Term. The Head of Tennis encourages all-round athletic ability and, on this camp, that includes running or swimming before breakfast.

For the Summer Term, our all-weather pitch is converted into nine tennis courts for training and competitive fixtures.

Badminton is another fast-growing sport at Milton Abbey. It was added to the curriculum in 2017, offered during the Michaelmas and Lent term. The sport now has over 15 regular players and we play around 10 competitive fixtures each year.

We play in mixed-gender teams, with pupils from all years playing. The pupils use our Sports Hall during both terms and get excellent coaching from the Head of Badminton. A match versus staff is one of the most anticipated fixtures each term.

The school has rackets available, but most pupils now bring their own.
Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is one of our strongest sports at Milton Abbey, reflecting our country roots and rural setting. We often compete and perform extremely well in national competitions and have won the Milfield Cup for the last two years.

Pupils train at The Purbeck Shooting School, which has been voted as the Best Shooting Ground in the UK. The facility occupies some 50 acres of mixed heathland and conifer plantation. This unique contour enables our pupils to develop the required skills and knowledge to be successful in a range of scenarios.

The facility also provides the very best coaching for our pupils. There is an additional cost to be part of the team, but the tuition and facility is second to none.