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Weekend Activities - an unrivalled offer at Milton Abbey

Milton Abbey has always been an interesting and fun place at weekends but this year under the direction of Mr Wilson, the weekend activities programme reached dizzy new heights.  

Max Thompson, a pupil in the Lower Sixth, says "weekends at school are far from dull, mainly because everyone is always around, even the day pupils come on trips over the weekend and get involved. Regardless of whether you are doing one of the extensive activities on offer or just relaxing at the end of a busy week it is a happy, energetic and enjoyable environment to be in with your friends"


When so many boarding schools can be almost empty at weekends, we thought the level of take up from pupils, and the sheer range of activities on offer, warranted some recognition.  We've been totting up the number of pupils who have been involved in different activities this academic year and the results surprised even us.  So here goes, the numbers relate to the number of pupils who took part in each activity: 
1208  Internal Social/ Fancy Dress Parties / DJ nights
656 House BBQs
520 Inter School Socials
514 Meal Trips
326 Cinema Trips
318 Town visits - Bath, Bournemouth etc.
250 Inter-House Music nights
245 Open Mic night
245 Inter-House Sport
200 Quiz Night
120 Paintball
118 Bowling
96 Pizza making
89 Water Park
81 Laser Tag
75 Trampoline Park
67 Surfing
55 6 Nations @ Twickenham
54 Climbing
53 Fireworks
50 Kayaking
40 Point to Point
28 Skate Park
25 Summer games
22 Dry ski slopes
12 Sea Fishing
10 Touring car
10 Kite Surfing

We'd like to know if any other boarding school, especially one of our size, can offer such an extensive range of activities and such high take up - we think this is one area where we have an unrivalled offer.