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Interesting introduction to the National Citizens Service programme

‚ÄčOn Friday 26th January we had the first Headmaster’s Lecture of 2018, given by Carl Knight of the National Citizens Service (NCS).

The NCS is a 2 - 4 week programme which takes place during the summer holidays across the country.  It is proven to have a massive impact on young people’s lives, boosting their confidence, bringing them in to contact with others from different backgrounds with whom they will share the ‘adventure’ and ‘discovery’ aspects of the programme as well as the ‘social action’ programme where they work as part of a team on projects that benefit their local community. 

The opportunities for young people who have taken the NCS programme continue with the Graduates programme with volunteering, work advice, training and workshops available.  Carl brought along two NCS graduates who spoke inspiringly about their experiences, what they gained from their NCS programme and why they felt it was so worthwhile taking part.  The NCS is returning to Milton Abbey on 8th February with a lunchtime stand so that pupils who are interested in the programme can find out more.  In the meantime you can find out more by visiting