Milton Abbey School Parents’ Association (MASPA)

MASPA was established in 2014 with the aim of providing current parents with a range of opportunities to meet each other socially in informal settings each term. MASPA has been well-received and supported by parents, and we thank everyone who has come along to one of our ‘Coffee Stops’ or organised events.

We aim to keep our calendar of events as varied and entertaining as possible and would welcome any suggestions parents may have for future events. Additionally if there are any parents who would like to get involved in planning and suggesting future events do please come along to one of our planning meetings each term (meetings are held twice termly, once in London and once at the School).

For more information on MASPA or to register to attend any events, please contact

Upcoming events will be listed below. A booklet for each term is also available to download.

Saturday 4 May | Summer Golf Competition
1pm | Milton Abbey School | Free to register

Thursday 23 May | Botanical Tour and Lunch
11am | Keyneston Mill, Dorset | £45 including entrance, tour, lunch and drink

Friday 14 June | Unconscious Landscape Gallery Tour
Hauser & Wirth Galleries, Somerset | £45 including guided tour, garden access and lunch