The opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and success of Milton Abbey School is available to all those with the vision and generosity to recognise the value of this investment.

There are several ways you can give:
  • Donate online to any of our projects (see below) using our Just Giving account via the following link:
  • Download the Gift Form and return this to the Head's Office with your donation.
  • Donations can also be made via direct bank transfer and using CAF cheques. The details for these transactions can be found on the Gift Form mentioned above.

Ways to donate


Gifts to the School in the form of legacies and bequests are a vital source of support.  No matter how small or large, a legacy gift to Milton Abbey is a gift that will endure and is a positive commitment to the future. The 1954 Society has been set up to acknowledge those who have pledged to leave a legacy gift to the School.

As a 'young' school, we have no financial endowment. Legacy gifts can help build an endowment to ensure the future security and prosperity of the School. In addition, such gifts can be used to fund long-term priorities such as the Bursary Programme, which will ensure more boys and girls have the opportunity to benefit from all that a Milton Abbey education can offer.

Further information can be found within our Leaving a Legacy brochure and the Legacy Pledge Card in the Downloads box.
Gifts of Publicly Quoted Shares

Donors are able to claim tax relief on the current value of publicly quoted shares if they are donating to a charity, in addition to the shares being exempt from capital gains tax liability, which makes such gifts extremely tax-efficient.

For example, a higher-rate taxpayer donating shares bought for £50,000 and now worth £100,000 could save £20,000 in capital gains tax and £40,000 in income tax relief.  So a gift worth £100,000 to Milton Abbey School could cost the donor just £40,000.

For more information visit HM Revenue and Customs online.
Gifts in kind

Gifts in kind, such as printing services, venues and catering can help Milton Abbey School to keep its overheads low. If you think you might be able to help in this way please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.
A note for US Donors

The Council of Milton Abbey School is supported by the American Fund for Charities, a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation EIN 52 2109597. Donations to the American Fund for Charities from US taxpayers are tax deductable to the extent allowed by US law. The Council of Milton Abbey School has been reviewed by the American Fund for Charities and the board of the American Fund has determined that Milton Abbey School is a suitable organisation to receive grants from a US public charity.

If you are a US taxpayer and wish to support Milton Abbey School you can find out more about the American Fund for Charities online at or simply donate by printing and completing the relevant form and returning it to the Head's Office. You will be issued with a receipt for tax purposes.

Current projects

The School offers opportunities for individual donors, including parents and alumni, philanthropic funders and corporations to support a broad range of projects activities for the benefit of our pupils.
Centre for Countryside and Equine Management
Planning Permission Received | Target: £212,000Remaining funding required: £42,000

A new Centre for Countryside and Equine Management will provide dedicated facilities for pupils studying two of our most popular vocational courses. The project will involve a re-development of the stable block to create new classroom spaces, changing rooms and toilets, storage space and an improved tack room.
Equestrian Arena
Target: £45,000Remaining funding required: £12,000 | Planning Permission Submitted

While we already offer excellent stabling facilities for horses to be kept on site, space for them to be trained and worked in is limited. Pupils sometimes have to travel off-site to use a local arena for lessons. Plans to construct a new 50mx20m arena in the centre of the canter track, near the stable block, have recently been submitted for planning permission.
New Gallery and Art Centre
Target: £250,000Remaining funding required: £81,000 | Planning Permission Received

The new Gallery and Art Centre project will involve redeveloping the present Art Department to provide both new and improved teaching spaces, and a gallery space for displaying pupils’ work, with space for use by the local community.
The Milton Abbey Bursary Programme

The ongoing Milton Abbey Bursary Programme enables support to be given to current and prospective pupils who need financial help to benefit from all that life at the School can offer. The programme incorporates funds that are already in place, such as the Toby Mann Fund and the William Holy-Hasted Trust. It currently helps more than 20% of pupils, with a growing demand for support from current and new pupils. Further information can be found in the Supporting Bursaries brochure in the Downloads section.
The Milton Abbey Fund

Over £100,000 has been donated towards this ad-hoc Fund, which is used for smaller projects to enhance activities and facilities for our pupils. Projects that have been supported range from new trees for the campus, stage equipment in the theatre and a scrum machine for rugby, to mobile lights for outdoor activities and equipment for Countryside Management, Creative Media, Science, Art and DT.
Through the Milton Abbey Fund, every donation can make a difference to the education of our boys and girls. Even a modest monthly gift can add up to significantly help the School. Making a regular commitment of support, either monthly or annually, is particularly valuable as this provides a steady and predictable stream of income, which helps us to plan future projects. Such support can also provide tax benefits under the Gift Aid scheme.

Thanking our donors

We are enormously grateful to all of you who have supported the School, and in particular to those who choose to make regular and unrestricted donations, as these give us the flexibility to respond quickly to the areas of greatest need.

All those who support Milton Abbey with a gift will be welcomed into our donor stewardship programme.
This is an ongoing programme of activities and events that enables us to keep our supporters involved in the School.

The programme gives us the opportunity to thank our donors in person and enables our supporters to learn more about how their gifts are being used to make a real difference to life at Milton Abbey. All donors will have their names included in our Annual Giving Report.

For more information

For more information on ways in which you can support Milton Abbey or to discuss your interests, please contact the Bursar's Office on 01258 881831 or email